Samoa Trade Expo 2014 launches at Samoa House in Auckland


Established in 1986 Wilex Samoa is one of Samoas leading agro-processing and manufacturing companies, having won many Export Awards over the years.

Wilex manufactures a wide range of products using locally grown crops like Cocoa; Coconut; Coffee, Kava and Nonu. The Company also has a Corrugated Boxes.manufacturing plant (Wilex Samoa Packaging Solutions)-which is ISO 9001:2008 Certified.

One of Wilex Samoa's major achievements was the establishment of a full cocoa and confectionery processing facility in 1995 which unfortunately was destroyed by an electrical fire in 2003. Before its demise, Wilex was able to establish  Dark Chocolate made from Samoan Cocoa as the best in the World, with export of high value added chocolates destined for Europe. Wilex Samoa had also started exporting its new range of chocolate products with brand name "Peanut Chokky" to New Zealand and Australia in May 2003 just before its demise in June 2003.


Wilex Samoa has started to rebuild its cocoa and confectionery line of products in November 2011- with its new range of Koko Samoa products now ready to be launched in May 2012 at the Pacific Islands Country Trade Exhibition in Tokyo, Japan as well as the World Expo in South Korea from May to July 2012. Wilex Samoa expects to launch its new Chocolates and Confectionery products in August/September 2012- and plans to display/promote these at the Australian Fine Food Show in September 2012. 


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